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"The world is the mirror of myself dying."
Henry Miller

Ah, I love email. I just get so darn excited when my email program chimes at me. Everyday I get hundreds of emails from people around the world, and let me say this. I'm scared. Real scared. Below are just a few examples of the kind of email I get. Every email is printed exactly as I got it, including all misspellings and insane ravings.

DLO for the week of March 18, 2001

Eric ( writes...

I figured out that the death clock says every male will die at 74 and every female at 79. It also says that people who I know are still alive are dead.

    The Death Clock replies...

    Interesting email address there, Eric. I think your brain must be with the real Titanic.

Shannen ( writes...

I understand that u'r doing this for the sake of "having FUN". You know what, better check ur clock system as I think there's something wrong with it. The fact that people with same sex, age and birthdays will all die at the same time is ridiculous. I don't want to throw out some more negative comments on you as I think u already had a lot of those!!! Just a reminder my friend, may it be a good intention or not in putting up this site, might as well settle for other forms of entertaining browsers. I know and feel that God is being offended by your little joke. God loves you so much that he want to give you a chance to change. Hope you could listen to God's message to you. Thanks and God Bless.

    The Death Clock replies...

    Wow, you discovered my deep, dark secret. People with the same birthday and sex die at the same time. Wow. Gee. Do you think maybe it's because the Death Clock is a game? Hmmm, maybe? Do you think that, just maybe, if you can figure out how to turn a computer on you can figure out the difference between reality and fanstasy? Hmmm, maybe?

KB ( writes...

i am very dissapointed in you,i mean there'a no such thing as prediction of death you die when you die and only the lord above us know's when we're going to pass away!i strongly feel that this website should be taken off the internet.i'm sorry if this is offending you but it's offending us too!you have yougn children coming on here thinking that when they type in the information to find out when their supposedly going to die thay are actually so gullible to believe that.i strongly feel that you have some problems.i am a phsiciatrice and i think you should e-mail me and we can talk my e-mail adresse is

    The Death Clock replies...

    Wow, I didn't know you could work as a phsiciatrice. Does the job pay well?

Jim ( writes...

Dear Morpheus,
Hello, my best friend has told me about your site, and so I tried it. I enjoyed it. But my friend on the other hand didn't. Her grandfather died last week, when she tried it and put in his birthdate, it showed he really died and it made for very scared. I know it sounds that she is an idiot, but can you please e-mail me back telling me that your site isnt real please. It would mean alot to me. Thank you! If you could send it to RITA that is my other screen name thank you From Jim

    The Death Clock replies...

    Repeat after me:

    This web site isn't real.
    This web site is a game.
    Santa Claus isn't real.
    You are an idiot.


Lois ( writes...

I think that you are a very sick person... our world needs less people like you. You are what makes this world an awful place.. I kinda feel sorry for you because someday while I'm in heaven you will be in hell. You don't realize how much all of you stuff offends god. He is the only one that decides when we die. My best friend died a few years ago and it said that she would die in like 2052. I think you need to remove this site. I regret ever coming here...I have to pray to god to forgive me for even looking at it. You are one of satan's followers. I have pity on you.

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