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"We are all dead men on leave."
Eugene Levine

Ah, I love email. I just get so darn excited when my email program chimes at me. Everyday I get hundreds of emails from people around the world, and let me say this. I'm scared. Real scared. Below are just a few examples of the kind of email I get. Every email is printed exactly as I got it, including all misspellings and insane ravings.

DLO for the week of August 11, 2002

Princess ( writes...

This website is frigin boring. Go right ahead and trash my email, im sure it will hurt really bad. I think you need to get a life and a better webpage. I think you are a death freak and you need to get a reality check! Thanks!

    The Death Clock replies...

    A reality check? This from a person who signed their email, "Princess."

tim williams ( writes...

You are the weaklest link GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!

    The Death Clock replies...

    Wasn't that show cancelled???

Monica ( writes...

I think this is a horrible site because it is really imature. It is a bad example for little kids.Some people may enjoy but if there was 100% of people only 2% would probably like it.So if I were you Id take this off the internet!

AyAm3 SaDaKo ( writes...

You know what? This website sucks like hell!!! Do you think that scaring away little kids will make you go to heaven? No way! I don't care whatever this website says, but i only know that this website is the stupiest website i have ever seen! And yeah, just for your information, only God in heaven can decide when we will die and how long we will live. And there is no need to scare people off like this! May your crops rot and your teeth drop!


helga ( writes...

i am a poor german woman. i had to work very hard to come to america. and i got on my feet, and eventually bought a computer. i was browsing the web, and came to your site. what i saw shocked me, and made me cry. to predict death, is such a sin that deserves the penalty of death. i was so outraged, that i wish i never came to america to see this FILTH!!!! i hope you are happy. you made me regret my whole life dream.

    The Death Clock replies...

    Death Clock - now working for the INS!

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