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"Truth sits upon the lips of dying men."
Matthew Arnold

Ah, I love email. I just get so darn excited when my email program chimes at me. Everyday I get hundreds of emails from people around the world, and let me say this. I'm scared. Real scared. Below are just a few examples of the kind of email I get. Every email is printed exactly as I got it, including all misspellings and insane ravings.

DLO for the week of September 30, 2001

Gabriel the Angel ( writes...

Dear DC,
I’ve been watching you for quite some time. I find your site quite offending to myself and my offenders. I am Gabriel the Angel and if you continue your works I will banish you to the bowels of the underworld. Repent your satanic ways and follow me, God, and the other angels in heaven. God bless your soul, DC.

    The Death Clock replies...

    Don't you know that impersonating an angel is a felony??

Nameless ( writes...

i think that it is a bad idea because that scares people u batsard.

    The Death Clock replies...

    No comment.

Bob ( writes...

Ok..let's get this straight..u get joy out of telling people when they or aloved one is goin die? Not a good idea. Some people actually take this site seriously. So if i were you..i would put out a sign that says that this site is just for fun.

    The Death Clock replies...

    This site is just for people smart enough to tell fantasy from reality. How's that?

Christy ( writes...

You are disgusting and in need of a girlfriend so you could take out all that extra energy. I would never be your girlfriend and Iam sure no else would either.

    The Death Clock replies...

    Actually, I'm married, so the whole "girlfriend" thing is kinda out of the question now. I'm sure I can find a few guys for you from the shallow end of the gene pool!


Jackie Barry ( writes...

How are you so sure that i might not have aids and die earlier? How do you know about my health to judge when i'd die, just by knowning my birthday? Did you know that i have a terminal illness, and i've only two years to live! So hows that for your prediction!!!!!!!!

    The Death Clock replies...

    You're right - I can't know all of that. However, by your email, I can certainly tell you're an idiot.

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